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New Green Nutrition Bird Nest Cooking Instructions

Indulge in Delicate Sweetness: Cooking Bird's Nest Dessert with Milk

Bird's nest dessert is a delicacy revered in Chinese cuisine for its unique texture and reputed health benefits. When combined with milk, this exquisite dessert becomes a luxurious treat that delights both...

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Stewed Abalone with Lettuce - New Green Nutrition

Stewed Abalone with Lettuce

When you try to impress your parents or your in-laws coming over for dinner, we would usually turn to stewed abalone with lettuce (other vegetables will work as well). You can also...

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Steamed Egg with Dried Scallops - New Green Nutrition

Steamed Egg with Dried Scallops

We love steamed egg with dried scallops because it's easy to make, taste great (children's favorite) and you can simultaneously prepare other dishes. We prefer to steam the egg without adding any...

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