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Stewed Abalone with Lettuce

When you try to impress your parents or your in-laws coming over for dinner, we would usually turn to stewed abalone with lettuce (other vegetables will work as well). You can also add sea cucumbers, scallops, and other ingredients if you want to go fancy. 

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Cooking Time: 10 minutes, 5 minutes washing the lettuce
Main Ingredients: 1 can of stewed abalone, lettuce

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Cooking Directions:

1. Open the can of stewed abalone. The abalone comes with premade sauce. Put the abalone with sauce in a pot and reheat it for 5 minutes after the sauce has boiled. 

How to cook abalone
How to cook abalone

2. Wash the lettuce with cold water. Heat up another pot of water and cook the lettuce for 5 minutes.


3. Take out the lettuce and put it in a dish or a bowl. Pour the heated stewed abalone on top of the lettuce. That's another quick yummy dish you can make it at home.

Stewed Abalone with Lettuce

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