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The tea is better but very good for you. A lot of health benefit with this tea.


Excellent service

This stuff work for nose bleeds

My puppy was having nose bleeds related to cancer and I started her on this supplement two months ago and she has not had one since. This stuff is amazing! He quality of life has also improved as I believe it's help with the pain and inflammation associated to her illness. I love that New Green's response to my order is so quick. I order and receive the product in 1 - 2 days.

Very fast service. Will use you again

Effective, long lasting

I was given these in China when my throat became raw - happy to see they are available in the US.

Great product ... stops pain from sciatica

I use this cream and the patches from the same company. This is the only thing t h.c at gives me relief of my lower back and sciatica pool In which is down both legs.

Good supplements

These must be good quality my dog has survived deadly cancer longer than expected....hemangioscarma...was given 6-12 mos..we are at 12 and stilllooking good...coupled w yunity...package comes quickly free shipping...wondering why humans are not taking this??

Great product and fast shipping. It seems to be improving my dogs quality of life.

Yunann Biao

It is a very effective Chinese healing herbal formula. I use it to for strained muscles and also use it on cuts to control bleeding. It was first giving to me by a Chinese doctor to heal a broken bone in my hand.

Great service

Very fast shipping. Good prices.

Great product to Help Osteoporosis

This product is a natural form of calcium that helps to increase bone density. It contains Algaecal, that has been proven to help women with osteoporosis or osteopenia. My dexa scan improved tremendously by using products with Algaecal.

Quick service

Our oncologist started our 8 year old bernese mountain dog on Yunnan Baiyao two weeks ago when he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. We started chemo this week as well. I'm hopeful we'll have the positive results for extending his quality time that I read in the other reviews. Shipping was quick and it's been easy to reorder as we're on 6 capsules a day.

Great Product

I have used this product for some time now this is my second time ordering it helped me feel great and has helped me with my weight loss I would highly recommend for looking to live a healthy life.

Yunnan Baiyao miracle supplement

Recently, our sweet 10 1/2 year old Puerto Rican rescue dog, Bella, who appeared to be a part Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix was given 1-2 weeks to live by our vet; sadly, she was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. We had very little warning of this awful, malignant cancer of the blood vessels. Bella's abdominal ultra-sound showed a small bleeding tumor on her spleen, as well as her liver. Unfortunately, it was too late to attempt a splenectomy. Though our vet was unable to prescribe Yunnan Baiyao, per se (probably because it isn't FDA approved), he mentioned the supplement to us as a last resort in fighting the disease. We had initially purchased the YB at a local, holistic pharmacy, but we were able to order subsequent capsules through New Green. Ordering was quick and efficient, and pricing was reasonable!
For as long as Bella could tolerate eating and being "pilled", we continued to give her the YB, along with Turkey Tail supplements (to help possibly shrink her tumors and lessen inflammation). We resorted to using the red pill about 3-4 times when her bleeding and breathing episodes were the worst. The YB seemed to help he tolerate the disease while making her more comfortable to eat, drink and be her happy self between episodes. Knowing we were going to inevitably lose her, the YB gave our 4 children time to spend with Bella in preparation for our eventual loss. After 7 weeks of fighting the disease, our puppy finally lost her battle to Hemangiosarcoma. Although our family is still grieving and devastated by her passing, Bella's last breath seemed painless and peaceful at the end. She was surrounded by our whole family at home, and we are so grateful for this. We think the Yunnan Baiyao had everything to do with this! Most of all, we were given 5 extra weeks beyond her grim diagnosis to spoil her, love her, laugh with her, and spend time with her. Thank you!

Tung Chung Shia Chao!

Great product, Great supplier!

Kang Yuan

Great product!! Have used it for years.
First got it through my acupuncturist.
Happy to be able to get it through Green Nutrition!



Great Product

It is a great product and keeps me active.

Good product

Use many times with good results on my knee pain after sports

It has been helping me with my nerve pain,good stuff

Exactly what we need, always super fast shipping

My dog, Roxie, has been fighting hemangiosarcoma for two and a half years. She even went into remission for a year or so and was tumor free. We used Yunnan Baiyao as part of her regimen, and this company has always been a wonderful, reliable source of it for her. Thank you, New Green USA.

This is the very best medicine

I have used this serum for years. It always helps get me through any cold quickly and relieve symptoms.

Over and over again

This is my SECOND REVIEW: I have used this Medicated Balm for a couple of years now and, like this order, I often ship a bottle to friends and family who can use the help. Glowing results all the way around.....except for one close friend who has ultra-sensitive skin. She couldn't use it. Every other case has reported major results. I'm sold on this product and will continue to offer it to all those I know who hurt badly. AND.....I will continue to buy it here where I get the best deal and always receive the product quickly.