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Life saving ❤️

Our dog was dying when we took Him to the vet and they told us to either put Him down or try this herbal medicine. We ofcourse will never give up on our Simba so we took the chance of giving him chemo and the herbal Yunnan medicine. Almost 2 months later our Sweet Simba is still with us😭❤️ still on chemo but this yunnan medicine keeps Him from bleeding internally and makes him back to his old self again❤️

Walnut & Safflower Combo Decoction 450mg (80 Capsules)

Great Balls of Tongren! Best Place to Buy!

I use these Tongren Balls/Pills everyday for heart heat. Of course, under an acupuncturist/Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner’s recommendation and Supervision. The discount and free shipping are Great! Fast Ship Too! Win/Win! For me, they work great in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatments. The Synergy is Great For Heart Heat Healing!❤️



I think Naturin 2 is helpful, but it's a little hard to tell.

The tonic has a great taste. I've been on it for 1 and 1/2 months at a much higher dosage than recommended. I can say the licorice in it hasn't been a problem for my blood pressure. Energy-wise I think it's helping. It *may* have helped with platelets, too. It's a little hard for me to say. That said, I am not at all regretful to have tried it, and if I get better information on whether or not it's helping me, I'll pass it along.

Dried shrimp

Very good quality and product. Will buy again very shortly. Thank for having thid product.

Keeping my boy around!

This stuff has kept my sweet Chocolate lab around and he has made it past the 3 months he was given with a tumor on his heart. Only thing I’d like to see improved with the product is the cotton ball on top of the powder. I feel like I lose some product each time you open a new bottle by pulling out the cotton, powder comes with it. Other than that, excellent!

Tong Ren Tang - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Extra High Concentration (120 Pills)

Great product!

Makes my teeth feel very clean and smooth! Love the light mint flavor as well.

2 Bottles Brazil Red Bee High Concentrate Propolis Liquid (45 ML)

good quality good service

I always choose this company and purchase regularly.

Japan Reishi Mushroom Powder, 100% Shell Broken (100 Capsules)

Help for Dog Health

My vet recommended Yunnan Baiyao for a bleeding disorder with my senior dog. While it's too soon to tell if this will help, she has great faith in the product and I have great faith in her care and treatment of my boy.

Margaritae Cough Relief is working well to suppress my chronic cough due from my fleural effusion lung. Thank you.

3 bottles Po Sum On Medicated Oil Large Size (30ml)

For my dog

Two veterinarians (our normal vet & an ER internist vet) recommended these for my beagle following a liver cancer diagnosis. I received them quickly after ordering! These have a funky odor when you get them out of the blister pack, so brace yourself lol. I don't want to pill my dog every day, so I mix the powder from inside the capsule into 1/4c of warmed chicken bone broth, and pour that over her kibble in the morning. She eats it without a problem. She hasn't had any negative side effects from it. It's hard to say how much it's working vs if she wasn't taking it, but we are 2 1/2 weeks into a "this could be a catastrophic internal bleeding situation at any time" so if it's buying us some time, that's a win for sure.

Great Product and Service

I really needed Yunnan Baiyao for my beloved dog and I received a great price and excellent service. Thank you.

good herbs

good product , good service

Stops pain

This natural medicine completely stopped the arthritis pain in my body. Much more effective than the ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Tea (60 Tea Bags)

We don't sent me my order

Excellent product and service!

I've made several purchases recently and I couldn't be happier with the quality of products purchased and the prompt delivery of every order. Thank you for the high quality capsules and great customer service!

It's keeping our dog with Hemangiosarcoma alive

This supplement was recommended to us by our vet for our pitbull who was diagnosed with cancer. They gave him 2-3 months to live and it's been 6 months and his bloodwork is completely normal. Obviously this is anecdotal but it's pretty amazing.