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The Holy Grail

I work at a high school and had extreme pain in my left big toe for weeks. Thought I bumped it somewhere but couldn't remember when. The pain was excruciating. A friend of mine saw the way I was walking and told me I may have gout. He walked me to his office and gave me 2 packets of the tea. He said put one pack in warm water then drink it down quickly and then drink plenty of water and come see me at the end of the work day. He said it with such confidence. I followed his instructions and proceeded with my day. The school we worked at was so busy. By the end of the day I totally forgot about the pain... because it was gone. I immediately went to this office in shock. He told me he as been using this product for a while. I live by this product. If I know I am going to eat something that may cause a flare-up I drink the tea. If I forget and have a flare-up I drink the tea. This is a great product!!! I hope my friend sees this review the next time he orders a box. Thank my brother!!!

Stops bleeding in my dogs tummy lipoma

My 39# mini-bulldog was given 3 days to 2 weeks to live on 11-4-22 by an ER vet. She has an enormous lipoma (larger than a cantaloupe, in her tummy). It presses on spleen and causes bleeding occasionally. She isn't a candidate for surgery. SIX MONTHS later....this med is a GODSEND... she is still alive & herself. Next week, 6-10-23 will be her 15th birthday! She also gets regular reiki, and hand cooked beef/veggie diet. She is also on a multivitamin for "red blood cell support" THANK YOU to this company for getting this med to me every time, quickly. She is my world. I give one capsule at breakfast & 1 at supper (which I wrap ea dose in a blob of cold Philidelphia cream cheese (in the silver box) bc the capsule smells a bit & she's picky. God bless this company & thankyou that I still have my beloved Lily. I buy this as 5pk at a time, which is cheaper. I pray this helps someone else. 🙏

Helps stop internal bleeding my dogs tummy lipoma

My dog Lily has an enormous lipoma in her belly (larger than a cantaloupe). She is not a candidate for surgery. It shoves into her spleen & causes internal bleeding occasionally. She's a bit anemic so I've added a multivitaminthat has red blood cell support too. I believe this alternative med, Yunnan Baiyao (along with reiki & a hand cooked diet) has kept her alive and herself. This med has been a Godsend to me/us. She is a 39# minibulldog. I give 1 capsule with each breakfast & 1@ supper. (She's been on it now over 6 months straight)🙏 I pray this med helps someone else.

Good product

Fast shipping, great prices,always in stock.

Reishi Spore II (100 Softgels) Very Potent And Healing

Reishi Spore II (100 Softgels) is a wondeful tonic for mind and body. It works in many ways to heal the body. Noticed postive effects from the first dosage. Great product at a great price!

Su Xiao Jiu Xin Wan (180 Pills)


My sister and brother had long lasting cough. After taken the supplement the cough was gone. Thanks

Great product

Great product, arrived quickly! I would definitely get more stuff from this store.

Solgar triple strenght omega 3 950mg

Amazing product., and a very good price always content with solgar supplemts

Received product in good condition and quick. Ordering was easy. Most places i tried to go through offered free shipping but it wasn’t without some catch. I had no issues with New Green.

Good Product

I was referred to product by a friend. It really helped with muscle and joint pain relief. And unlike many oral or topical pain relievers, it seemed to help reduce inflammation as well.

Reishi Spore Oil Shell Broken Extra Strength 500mg (60 Softgels)

This works great for my dog with nasal cancer

The bleeding is minimal and she’s comfortable a year after her diagnosis

Yunnan - Great

Please keep them coming, can I order more for a better discount?

My dogs nose bleeds? if I don't give him these pills his nose will bleed, if I give him these pills it won't bleed. He has to take them for life.

Works well!

New Green Nutrition is a wonderful company! I'm particularly fond of the Yunnan Baiyao plasters, but these sprays are a good adjunct, especially hard to reach places.

Great patches

My acupuncture doctor recommended these, and they seem to help with my pain quite a bit. Really stay on where you put them

Perfect delivery

Ordered and received this in record time! Thanks for great service!

Confidence Fe-Mon 9 [1st Gen.] (30 Capsules)

Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin Liquid Extract (90 Licaps)

The product is a very good product. The only drawback is that it is a large liquid capsule that is hard to swallow. I resort to chewing the capsule to ingest it. Hopefully, this does not negate the purpose of the curcumin.

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang (200 Pills)!

I have severe depression and I think the TMC Gan Mai Da Zao Tang has really helped me.

Weisen-U (100 Tablets)
Charles Casey
No Problems

Item as described and shipped in a timely manner--No problems.

Wonderful product

I got covid-19. My friend gave me this product. I tried different herbal candy to confront my throat. This one is the best.

total eye care

love the natural ingredients, it absolutely seems to be helping with night glare and tv/internet glare