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Hard to find but well worth the money

Very hard to find this product but this company was very efficient and had an amazing price. I would definitely order from them again and I plan to in the future. Thank you for being so efficient.

An Shen Ding Zhi Wan (200 Pills)

Excellent service - as this is my second order

Excellent Product

Best prices for this product. Colors hair very well.

Fast and reliable

Quick shipping, reliable product

Yunnan Baiyao

This product help extend my beautiful dogs life. Dakota had HSA and this helped him tremendously. Always arrived very quickly. Thank you.

Excellent immune builder

Coptis is something I don’t want to be without. Especially during cold/flu season! Shipping is always fast!

Wonderful Customer Service

I bought a couple months worth of product for my dog dying of cancer, I was wishful thinking as she passed away with in a month. And I had a lot of product not opened & they let me return it w a refund. I thought that was great service.

Amazing company fast shipping. I believe this product is saving my 11 year old dog with cancer. Thank you so much for this product and being such a great company!

Yunnan Baiyao

Great product, great company, fast, quality shipping. Will definitely order again.

we have used fritillary bulb extract [sweet] oral liquid for several years and did good for us thank you

All good but price

The price raised $20 since I purchased 2 years ago

Boost your immune system and lessen covid-19 symptoms

Unfortunately after the Christmas holidays, seven of us contracted covid-19. I have learned since the beginning of pandemic that Chinese government designated this herbal medicine as one of the official over the counter medicines that will help to recover from covid-19. We all took this since the early sign of Covid-19 and we do think that it helps to prevent the virus going deeper into the lung. It's not as effective on reducing fever, so we also took Advil and Tylenol for fevers. The best way, keep social distance, wash your hands and wear mask.

good quality

还是不错得 不知道是不是5A得品质 但是价格算是优惠的了

Still waiting on order

I placed an order #10041727.
I was supposed to receive it on Jan 9th and I still haven’t received it. I had to find a place that sold the same product and drive two hours to pick it up.
I would like to continue to do business with you but I give these supplements to my Fog that is battling Cancer and I can’t have gaps of time that he isn’t receiving the supplements.
C. Robarge

5 Boxes Yunnan Baiyao Capsules (16 Capsules)

Great Stuff

I like it

Heart Tonic

Thanks for the fast shipping. receive the items just in time before running out. My mom been using this for a long time. Thanks

fast shipping, thank you

Great Merchant and Great Balm

Product was as expected and shipment was fast. I used the balm daily for pain and sore muscles. I like to put a little on my nose to clear my sinuses.

Good products and very quick shipment.

Hope can bring more Good Chinese herb products to help people.

10 Boxes Yunnan Baiyao Capsules (16 Capsules)

Tong Ren Tang Shugan Hewei Wan (180 Pills)