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Solgar No. 7 Joint Support (90 Vegetable Capsules)

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  • ALTERNATIVE JOINT SUPPORT: The next generation alternative to glucosamine is Solgar No. 7. This is because it increases flexibility, mobility, and range of motion in sensitive joints
  • BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA: Solgar No. 7 features a breakthrough formulation by bringing together bio-active nutrients that work to create a fast acting approach for occasional ‘tweaks’ and joint stresses that are caused by physical activities, exercise, and sports
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Solgar No. 7 shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. Solgar No. 7 helps you get back on track by helping you pursue your favorite activities by increasing your flexibility and mobility
  • GLUTEN-FREE: These vegetable capsules are non-GMO and certified gluten-free. They are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, and sodium. They are also free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

    Suggested Use:  As a dietary supplement for adults, take one (1) vegetable capsule daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

    Made In U.S.A

    Please note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product cannot replace your doctor's prescription medicine.

    Customer Reviews

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    It has been helping me with my nerve pain,good stuff

    It's Like Magic. It Absolutely Works.

    My husband has been a lineman for a million years and his joints, especially his shoulders are jacked. He was in pain and discomfort 24/7. Turmeric and ibuprofin didn't help. Plus Ibu is so bad. His doctor recommended rotator cuff surgery. So I decided to seek an alternative as a last ditch effort. This was originally recommended to me by someone at a Korean herbal medicine store. He said to take with a triple dose omega 3 pill. It took about 7 days. 7 DAYS. All of the pain dissipated. It's been about 6 weeks. Pretty unbelievable. It was pretty pricey at the herbal store. This site definitely has the best price. WELL WORTH THE MONEY ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A PHARMACEUTICAL. As for the "review" on 4/23/19, not sure why someone wold leave a review for something that they haven't tried yet. very strange. Any, get this stuff. It works!!!!

    The best? We shall see...

    I bought this because I have weak ankles and sore knees. The result of too much running? Probably. I want the same range of motion I had before the weather got cold and damp. The fact that it is suppose to be better than anything else I have tried, including the best quality of Turmeric remains to be seen. If it takes more than one bottle, I am willing to go the whole route. I have confidence in Solgar so I am up for anything they produce/

    Amazing product

    I have been suffering from knee and joint pain for a while and have tried so many other products without any significant results. . My friend recommended solgar 7 and at first I was very hesitant since nothing else has worked in the past. I tried it and within one week my knee pain was tolerable my joint pain was much decreased and by week two I felt like a new person. I am able to walk up and down the stairs, my range of motion has increased as well. I also have sciatica which acts up when I move the wrong way. I haven't had an episode since starting solgar 7. I find it to be an amazing product, it is part of my daily routine now. Take it from a sceptic, this really works!!!

    Great relief for joint pain

    I have tried multiple products with turmeric combinations and none have given me the relief like Solgar 7. Within 3 days I could move better.

    Customer Reviews

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    630 reviews
    Yunnan Baiyao miracle supplement

    Recently, our sweet 10 1/2 year old Puerto Rican rescue dog, Bella, who appeared to be a part Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix was given 1-2 weeks to live by our vet; sadly, she was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. We had very little warning of this awful, malignant cancer of the blood vessels. Bella's abdominal ultra-sound showed a small bleeding tumor on her spleen, as well as her liver. Unfortunately, it was too late to attempt a splenectomy. Though our vet was unable to prescribe Yunnan Baiyao, per se (probably because it isn't FDA approved), he mentioned the supplement to us as a last resort in fighting the disease. We had initially purchased the YB at a local, holistic pharmacy, but we were able to order subsequent capsules through New Green. Ordering was quick and efficient, and pricing was reasonable!
    For as long as Bella could tolerate eating and being "pilled", we continued to give her the YB, along with Turkey Tail supplements (to help possibly shrink her tumors and lessen inflammation). We resorted to using the red pill about 3-4 times when her bleeding and breathing episodes were the worst. The YB seemed to help he tolerate the disease while making her more comfortable to eat, drink and be her happy self between episodes. Knowing we were going to inevitably lose her, the YB gave our 4 children time to spend with Bella in preparation for our eventual loss. After 7 weeks of fighting the disease, our puppy finally lost her battle to Hemangiosarcoma. Although our family is still grieving and devastated by her passing, Bella's last breath seemed painless and peaceful at the end. She was surrounded by our whole family at home, and we are so grateful for this. We think the Yunnan Baiyao had everything to do with this! Most of all, we were given 5 extra weeks beyond her grim diagnosis to spoil her, love her, laugh with her, and spend time with her. Thank you!

    Tung Chung Shia Chao!

    Great product, Great supplier!

    Kang Yuan

    Great product!! Have used it for years.
    First got it through my acupuncturist.
    Happy to be able to get it through Green Nutrition!



    Great Product

    It is a great product and keeps me active.