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Dried Panax Red Korean Ginseng Root 6 Years Premium Grade (Root 8oz.)

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Korean Dried Panax Red Ginseng Root, 6 Years Premium Grade (Root 8oz.)

  • 6 Years Aged Root- 6 year old roots means the red ginseng plant has reached maturity and maximal potency.
  • Increase Your Energy - Traditional herb used for thousand of years to increase energy and boost immune system*
  • Maximum Potency - Panax red ginseng is made by repetitive steaming and drying many times to increase saponin(ginsenoside) in the ginseng. That process is done until total water in the fresh ginseng would be up to 14%. The color of Korean red ginseng is yellow-red and the process is sometimes done 9 times.

Korean Red Ginseng is considered to be a vitamin mineral-rich food. This conventional food can be used for both man and woman.  Red Ginseng is known scientifically, as a Panax Ginseng. The term Panax is derived from the Greek word panacea, which means 'all healing'. This herb contains a nutrient-rich blend of vitamins, 42 natural minerals, amino acids, essential oils, and enzymes. *

Directions:Put Red Ginseng, 0.9L of water, 3 jujubes, and 3g of ginger into a pot and boil until reduced to 1/3 of initial amount. Drink 2 or 3 time a day.

Please note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product cannot replace your doctor’s prescription medicine.

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