HerbsGreen Natural Dried Tao Jiao, Peach Gum (8oz. - 2lbs)

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HerbsGreen Natural Dried Tao Jiao, Peach Gum

Peach gum (Tao Jiao) is a peach tree resin naturally secreted from peach trees. It is a light yellow transparent solid natural resin; which is rich in natural plant-based collagen. It can cure facial acne and pigmentation. It has the effect of nourishing yin, moisturizing the body and intestines.

Our Premium Tao Jiao is round and large in size. It has a crystal clear golden color and good texture. It not only helps promote intestinal peristalsis but also enhances satiety and reduces food intake, thus helping to control weight. Tao Jiao itself has no taste, so it can be added into dessert or different dishes according to different ingredients and seasonings. It is suitable for savory foods and desserts.

Tips to Use:
Put the peach resin in clean water for overnight (12 hours or more) until it expands to jelly texture, and the volume can increase by 10~15 times. Carefully remove the black impurities from the surface of the soft peach resin and wash it with water before use. Enjoy!

Suggested cooking method: soup, hotpot, dessert
Storage method: Store in a sealed, cool, dry place.

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Qian Yang

好吃 杂质很少

Joyce Cheung

质量很好 发货很快


很棒,第一次买桃胶吃,好好吃,色泽好,吃了几次后上来评价,好吃,滋润,睡眠变好了,气色也有好转,还会坚持服用哒,new green 不错