Dried Rhizoma Dioscoreae Huai Shan Yam Slices

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There are several herbs derived from species of Dioscorea used in Chinese herb formulas, though only two are used with some frequency. By far the most common is Dioscorea opposite (Dioscorea batatas), for which the rhizome (tuber) is used; it is called Shan Yao (mountain herb). This is in the yam family, and the herb is sometimes simply referred to as "Chinese yam."

Modern pharmacology finds that it has preventive and therapeutic effects on spleen-deficiency, bidirectionally regulates the isolated intestinal movement, helps digestion, promotes cellular and humoral immune responses in mice, lowers blood sugar, inhibits oxidation, and more. In addition, in combination with Licorice Root it can nourish Yin and generate body fluid while combined with Chinese privet it can invigorate the spleen and stop diarrhea.

How to eat?

It is usually added to:

1. Congee

2. Soup

3. Chinese dishes

Among all cooking methods, stir-fried think yam slices and yam stew are the most common cooking practices.

Storage Conditions: Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

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As always excellent product and service

Lighting speed delivery and excellent product.

Lindsayone bottle was broken when I got it.

Nice product! Works very well!