YongWell Premium Feng Huang Dan Cong, Phoneix Oolong Loose Tea (9 oz)

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Yongwell Premium Feng Huang Dan Cong, Phoneix Oolong Loose Tea (9 oz)

Feng Huang Dan Cong Tea or better known as Phoneix is a kind of semi-fermented oolong tea. It is originated from the Fenghuang Town, the northern mountainous area of Chao'an District of Guangdong Province in China. In order to improve the quality of the tea, people observe and identify, carry out single-shrub picking, single-planting, and single-sale sales method. This separate and cultivate excellent single shrubs. At that time, there were more than 10,000 excellent ancient tea shrubs in the single-plant production method, so it is called Feng Huang Dan Cong Tea.

The shape of the finished tea is thick and sturdy, straight, with yellowing brown color and with a bit of cinnabar red spots. It has a long-lasting fragrance, rich and refreshing taste, with a unique charm to it. 

In recent years, many studies have shown that Feng Huang Dan Cong Tea is rich in amino acids, vitamins, tea polyphenols, and alkaloids. Among them, tea polyphenols have a strong anti-radiation effect and the content can reach 30%.

      Storage: Store in cool and ventilated place.

      Directions: Use filtered water heat to 195F/90C. Use 2g / 2 tsp of tea for 12 oz of water. Steep 4-6 minutes. Can add additional hot water and brew for several additional rounds. 

      Cold brewed: Put tea leaf into water container and pour cold water into the container. Tea will be ready to serve after 3 hours.

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