3 Bottles Natural Herb Loquat Extract (6 Fl. Oz)

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3 Bottles Natural Herb Loquat Extract (6 Fl. Oz)

Natural Herb Loquat Extract (Liquid) - Poon Goor Soe. Packing: 6 fl. oz. in 1 glass bottle. Manufactured by Poon Goor Soe, Hong Kong. Notes: Natural Herb Loquat Extract is a product of Hong Kong. The Chinese brand name, Poon Goor Soe (in mandarin Pan Gaoshou) is the name of the product's developer, the elderly gentleman pictured on the box cover (his assistant is pictured next to him). On the package (under the portraits, is the original Chinese name of the formula, Chuanbei Pipa Lou, which translates to Fritillaria and Loquat Syrup. This formula has been made for decades and enjoys an international reputation for quality and effectiveness. The main ingredient of the extract formula is loquat, for which the leaf and fruit are considered very useful in treating coughs and moistening dryness. The extract includes fritillaria bulb, which clears heat, moistens the lung, and sends down the upward adverse flow of qi. Fritillaria and Loquat Syrup is a dream product

Ingredients: Water Loquat Extract Honey Almond Extract Lotus Root Licorice Mint Flavor

Dosage: Two teaspoons mixed with water or tea.

Chinese Symptomology cough

Made in Hong Kong

Please note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product cannot replace your doctor’s prescription medicine.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Natural Herb Loquat Extract

Wonderful Product. Will order more.

Joanna Madry

Greatest product

Clare Carter

Thank you for the Loquat medicine. We find it very helpful on a mostly daily basis first thing in the morning to tone the lungs. We truly find this medicinal.

Alfonso Dag
Excellent product.

This Natural Herb Loquat Extract product is very helpful for irritated throats and bronchial congestion. It is a good idea to be prepared and have a bottle or two of this around for when a cold or virus strikes. It works gently to soothe the problem and relieve the congestion without having the harsh chemical hangover of synthetic medicines.

Arthur J Rawl
Good Product with excellent customer support

The product was as expected. The Customer support far exceeded my expectations. It is in problem resolution that one finds out about a transaction partner. Our problem was an out of control Post Office to which the seller stepped up and forced a satisfactory resolution. A customer could not ask for more.