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Yunnan Baiyao capsules

I guess this is a great medicine. Many people recommended this one.

Thank You Yunnan Baiyao

Normally I come to the site to pick up our next supply, but sadly it's very different this time. Earlier this week we said goodbye to our sweet & amazing Annabelle. She was an 11.5 yr old Dogo x Pointer mix and meant the world to us. I could easily avoid coming back just to write this but felt it was important for anyone else finding themselves in a similar situation...

After receiving a very tough hemangiosarcoma diagnosis (vascular side of the liver & recommendations of putting our girl down in Aug '22) this amazing herb gave us an extra 22 months. I 100% know that this with a couple of other important changes (raw food, better water & CBD oil) kept her happy & going for the extra time we got. I am so thankful for this herb and have told everyone I can about it. We kept her on 1-4 pills a day and would use the emergency pills (tiny red pill located in the middle of the package that is very easy to miss if you don't know they are there!) when needed.

If you are on the fence or unsure please try this... It works.


12/15/12 - 6/17/24

Liu Bai Nian Pi Fu Pian Fang Anti-itch Relieve Cream (3 Boxes)!

This product is good, but has changed a bit. The main ingredient that I used to be able to smell has subsided which, I think, they're using less of it. This is evident when rubbed on the itch spot - it isn't quick as in previous usage.

The cream is still good, but I wish they would stop messing with the formula.


Pure Chinese herbal formula special gout tea

Great stuff!!!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your good service!

reasonable price, great service

quality product, reasonable price, great service.

Excellent Results

Product works great!

good Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oi

shipping is on time. Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil is good and effective to clear bruise on the body. recommend it to use.

Kidney-Liver Mind (20 Tea Bags)
Cynthia Matty-Huber
Great tea

I enjoy this tea a great deal of the time.

Great value

I have purchased this item many times. It's a good product at a great value. Trusted source. Thanks!

American ginseng Reishi 60 tea gags

I bought so many American ginseng tea bags. This brand is the best and has the strongest flavor. I like it very much. I will recommend it to my friends.

Deity America Foot Deep Cleansing Patch

Deity American patches are very effective in reducing swelling and stiffness in joints. New Green Nutrition shipped my order promptly and properly. Highly recommend both Deity American and New Green. Please note, though the patch box is marked as containing 12 patches, there are actually 14, as advertised. Thank you New Green Nutrition.

No remind

Never sending tracking n. To remind me..I didn't receive my order until today.. didn't help me to find out what went wrong

Good product. Relived my back pain


Grateful our vet referred us to you and this medicine! Our dog seems to be relieved/better for it. Great delivery time!

A Fantastic Resolution.

Very satisfied with product & seller. Have taken this excellent product as needed for many years, and am relieved with the reasonable cost and good service from New Green Nutrition. Highly recommend both product & seller 👍

Very Good Product for my dog

My 12 year old Great Pyr/Suisse Shepard started bleeding badly from his nose. Trip to emergency vet and prognosis wasn't good. They gave us these to help with the bleeding. It makes him comfortable and has stopped the bleeding for the most part - he does have some bad days still, but they are not as bad or as long. We are making his life as comfortable as possible and these help herbs help alot.

Impressive delivery time

Never ran out of it. Always shipped on the same day or next and arrives very fast.

Spectacular results

measurable results within 24 hours and continued quality results 2 weeks later

Pure Chinese Herbal Formula Special Gout Tea (10 Teabags)

Bought this tea to help with a meniscus tear in my right knee. The first day I took it it cut the pain by 50% which was a lot. I continue to take it for another two weeks, and I am very happy with the results.

2 Bottles RGIII RG3 Hair Regeneration Shampoo with Purified Red Ginseng Saponin (520ml)

Fast shipping