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Lumina Health CellFood Liquid Oxygen (1 fl.oz)

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CellFood is a proprietary ionic formula that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen— and utilizes a unique water-splitting technology. It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system and is absorbed quickly and efficiently by every cell in the body. Cellfood's unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells— cleaning and tuning up the body's systems throughout the day.

CellFood is made from all-natural plant substances and is yeast-free and gluten-free. It's been said that all forms of illness can be traced to two basic causes: too many toxins in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells. Cellfood addresses these two vital health issues at the same time. CellFood is created by a proprietary nine-month process in which these all-natural nutrient-rich plant substances are held in a negatively-charged suspension of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen).

Directions: Taken orally by mixing 8 drops in 8 ounces of purified water or juice, three (3) times per day— or by mixing 24 drops in a sports bottle, to be sipped throughout the day.

*Please note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product cannot replace your doctor’s prescription medicine.

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  • Can or should this product be taken with other CELLFOOD products - Not mixing them physically, but rather taking more than one product in a day?

    Yes, Cellfood products can be taken on the same day. It's recommended to separate at least 2 hours for different products.